Clipper DEX Expands to Polygon

Clipper's integration with Polygon means retail traders operating on Clipper DEX will now be able to perform swaps at an even lower cost than before.

Clipper DEX Expands to Polygon

Clipper DEX has expanded to Polygon! This means that retail traders operating on Clipper DEX will now be able to perform swaps at an even lower cost than before.

Polygon is a leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development, offering a high throughput of roughly 7,000 transactions per second at a fraction of the cost of Ethereum. More than 700 Dapps are currently live on Polygon, highlighting its popularity.

This integration marks another milestone for Clipper, a DEX built with one goal in mind: delivering the best prices for crypto trades < $10,000. Polygon furthers this mission by offering substantially lower gas fees than Ethereum, something that has become more of a problem as network congestion has increased.

Gas fees on the Polygon network typically only cost a fraction of a cent, and now that Clipper is integrated with Polygon, Clipper's 15k+ traders will be able to enjoy even better trading prices. To use Clipper on Polygon, users must first transfer their digital assets from Ethereum to Polygon via the cross-chain bridge run by the Polygon network, and then connect their wallets to Clipper on the Polygon network.

“We built Clipper knowing it would expand to layer two networks and scaling platforms like Polygon in order to provide lower gas, better pricing and faster speeds to retail traders. Now that we’ve adapted Clipper to Polygon, we will be able to launch Clipper on other networks as well. Clipper should be everywhere its traders want to be.”
- Mark Lurie, CEO of Shipyard Software

In addition to substantially lowering overall gas costs, Clipper’s Polygon deployment also gives users the ability to precisely specify a desired output amount for each swap and avoid frontrunning. When using the Ethereum mainnet, the output amount for every swap on Clipper and other DEXs can fluctuate between when a trade is initiated and before the transaction is actually executed. Clipper has hardly experienced any cases of explicit front running or arbitrage botting due to its design, but rejected transactions due to slippage are a familiar occurrence for DEX users in general. However, the fact that Clipper’s integration with Polygon offers firm quotes means that Clipper’s users no longer need to worry about slippage or front running!

Since inception, Clipper has enabled over 43,000 trades, with an average transaction size of $3,638 per trade, and the DEX consistently receives more transaction flow from 1inch Network than Uniswap for trades under $5K. This expansion to Polygon underscores Clipper’s mission to offer the lowest cost trades to anyone engaging with DeFi, and Clipper plans to expand to other networks in the future.

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