Clipper Expands to Mantle Network!

Clipper Expands to Mantle Network!

Following a nearly unanimous governance vote, Clipper has expanded to Mantle Network!

Mantle Network is an Ethereum Layer-2 solution incubated, governed, and run by the Mantle community. Mantle Network has a modular architecture that combines an optimistic rollup (similar to Optimism and Arbitrum) with an innovative data availability solution. This gives Mantle Network the inherited security of Ethereum while providing cheaper and more accessible data availability.

As an L2, Mantle Network provides a superior user experience compared to Ethereum Layer 1, including an over 80% reduction in gas fees (achieved via data compression and modular data availability) and ~20x greater transaction throughput (500 TPS vs. Ethereum's ~25 TPS). Mantle Network also gives users the option to customize their transaction confirmation requirements, with the lowest security setting providing near real-time latencies (~10 milliseconds vs. Ethereum's ~12 seconds). 👉 To learn more about how Mantle Network works check out their docs.

The motivations behind Clipper’s expansion to Mantle Network include:

  • Growing the community & expanding Clipper’s reach: Launching Clipper on more, quality, networks helps expand its reach, onboard more users, and grow our community.
  • More options for Clipper users: The expansion gives Clipper users more options to choose from when LPing and trading, and could potentially lead to the creation of additional yield-earning opportunities down the line.
  • Supportive partners: Mantle counts Bybit exchange, which has listed SAIL, as one of its staunchest proponents. Incorporating Mantle demonstrates that AdmiralDAO is a mutually supportive partner and keeps the door open for further symbiotic partnerships.

We’re excited to have Mantle Network onboard as Clipper sails the DeFi seas. Head to the Mantle Pool to start LPing and trading now!