Clipper Integrates with 0x!

Clipper Integrates with 0x!

As of today Clipper is fully integrated with 0x! This integration makes Clipper accessible to traders using 0x’s DEX aggregator, and other dApps that rely on the 0x API. This integration further cements Clipper as the most retail-friendly DEX in the DeFi seas!

0x is exchange infrastructure for the internet. It enables developers to tap into the highest quality liquidity in a fast, secure way and is trusted by leading applications such as Brave Browser, Coinbase Wallet, Matcha, Metamask, Zapper, and many others. 0x’s goal to becoming as ubiquitous and accessible as possible to all DeFi users aligns perfectly with Clipper’s mission.

“Clipper’s custom-built approach takes a big step towards giving crypto traders more optionality and convenience,” said Amir Bandeali, co-CEO of 0x Labs. “This type of user-centric optimization is much needed within the DeFi space, and reflects many of the overarching goals 0x has set out to accomplish.”

We believe that every crypto trader and developer should be master and commander of their own DeFi destinies with flexibility and freedom to trade wherever and through whomever they desire.

That’s why Clipper is partnering with leading players like 0x and making it as easy as possible for you to chart your own path across the DeFi seas. The top priority is for you to have full freedom and access to the best trading conditions you could ask for, and we’re grateful for 0x’s partnership. Onwards and upwards!