Clipper is Live on Base

Clipper is Live on Base

Clipper has expanded to Base with an ETH <> Stables core pool designed to facilitate faster, cheaper transactions of DeFi's most traded assets.

What is Base? 

Base is an Ethereum Layer-2 that was developed by Coinbase and built in collaboration with Optimism, using the OP Stack. The chain is an open-source optimistic rollup, providing the underlying security and scalability of Ethereum (along with Coinbase’s best practices) while reducing costs for users by 10x. 

While Base is separate from Optimism, its use of the OP Stack enables a high degree of interoperability between these L2s. Base and OP Labs (the first core developer of the OP Stack) hold a shared vision for scaling Ethereum by creating a robust developer ecosystem of interoperable rollups that will that eventually lead to a “superchain”, helping bring the next billion users on-chain.

What Base Offers 

Base aims to make Ethereum accessible to everyone by making it cheaper and faster. It also gives dApps an easy way to leverage and integrate with Coinbase’s products and tools. 

The addition of Base gives DeFi pirates more options to choose from when LPing and trading on Clipper. We’re excited to have Base onboard as Clipper sails the DeFi seas. Head to the Base Pool to start LPing and trading now!