Mainnet Pool is ETH<>Stables

Mainnet Pool is ETH<>Stables

🎉 Big News from Clipper! 🚀

Following a DAO proposal, the Clipper team are thrilled to announce a major update to the mainnet core pool. Clipper’s Ethereum pool is now composed exclusively of ETH and stablecoins!

The AdmiralDAO community chose to make the move to ETH and stablecoins to enhance pool liquidity, minimize volatility, and ensure a more advantageous trading environment for more DeFi users. 

Why is this Clipper’s new mix of assets important?

  • 1:1 Comparison: DeFi’s largest pools are ETH<>Stable pools. Now Clipper’s leading APYs will be compared 1:1 with pools like Uniswap’s Eth<>USD. 
Clipper's mainnet pool consistently outperforms Uniswap V3.
  • Greater Transaction Flow: As more transactions flow through Clipper’s mainnet pool all trades become smoother and faster, and LPs benefit. All permissionless, all the time, all for you.
WETH flow is massive in DeFi. Clipper is primed to offer the best prices on WETH trades.
Due to Clipper's novel FMM, volatility benefits Clipper LPs.

We're excited about this change and believe it will make Clipper's pool more robust and reliable. Thank you for being a part of Clipper’s journey. Here's to making decentralized finance more accessible and efficient for all!