Introducing veFXSAIL

Introducing veFXSAIL

Clipper is thrilled to announce a significant update for fxSAIL token holders on the Polygon network! Starting today, you can deposit your fxSAIL tokens into a vote escrow (ve) contract called veFXSAIL. This new development is designed to enhance the value and utility of your fxSAIL tokens, giving you more ways to benefit from being a part of our community.

What is veFXSAIL?

veFXSAIL is a vote escrow contract that allows fxSAIL holders to stake their tokens in return for attractive staking rewards. By staking your fxSAIL tokens in the veFXSAIL contract, you not only contribute to the stability of fxSAIL on Polygon but also earn additional fxSAIL tokens as a reward.

How Does It Work?

The process is straightforward.

  1. Connect your wallet and select Polygon Mainnet as your network
  1. Navigate to the SAIL page on
  1. Check your fxSAIL balance
  2. Select Stake and deposit into the vefxSAIL contract!

Why Stake in veFXSAIL?

Staking your tokens in veFXSAIL comes with several benefits:

  1. Earn fxSAIL Returns: By staking your fxSAIL, you earn returns directly in fxSAIL tokens, increasing your holdings and potential for future gains.
  2. Incentive-driven Rewards: A portion of pool rewards is used to purchase additional fxSAIL tokens, which are then distributed as staking rewards. This method ensures a continuous incentive for token holders.

Stake Today!

If you’re already an fxSAIL holder on the Polygon network, you can start staking your tokens in the vefxSAIL contract right away. If you’re new to fxSAIL, now is a perfect time to join the community and start benefiting from the growth and rewards SAIL offers.