Clipper’s Farming Program is Now Live!

Clipper users can now earn among the highest yields in DeFi! Clipper's Farming Program is open to any Clipper user who wants to whitelist and participate.

Clipper’s Farming Program is Now Live!

Clipper users can now become a Farmer and earn among the highest yields in DeFi!

With the launch of the Clipper Farming Program, liquidity providers can now deposit more into Clipper's main liquidity pool to generate even more fees, while supporting Clipper’s future development as an AdmiralDAO contributor.

This Farming Program is open to any Clipper user who wants to whitelist and participate; the full rundown is below.

Clipper Farmer Benefits

Benefits to being a Clipper Farmer include:

  • Above-market yields: Clipper’s LP fee APY consistently exceeds that of other leading DEXs. While LP fees naturally fluctuate over time, Clipper’s LP fee APR was over 70% when Clipper’s Farmer Program first entered its pilot phase – roughly 5x higher than other leading DEXs according to!
  • Larger liquidity allocation: Normally, LPs are limited to a small allocation. Farmers can make deposits of up to $100K, and even more by reaching out to the Clipper crew for more info.
  • No lock-up period: Farmers are not subject to mandatory lockup periods and can unlock and withdraw their deposit at any time. This pertains to all liquidity deposited and fees collected through the Farmer Program interface.

In exchange for these higher contribution limits, Farmers will automatically donate 50% of their fees to AdmiralDAO, which oversees Clipper. These fees will ensure Clipper can continue developing its community and providing the lowest trading prices possible for retail traders.

How to Become a Clipper Farmer

Clipper’s Farmer Program interface lets whitelisted users make deposits of up to $100K in a single asset via a fee-split contract. Depositing and withdrawing only takes a few clicks once you’ve connected your wallet.

Depositing liquidity:

  1. Select a token you’d like to deposit, and the deposit amount
  2. Give consent to automatically donating 50% of LP fees to AdmiralDAO
  3. Approve your Farmer liquidity deposit via your crypto wallet
  4. Click “Add Deposit” once steps 2-3 have been approved
  5. Congrats, you’ve made your deposit!

Your funds will begin generating yield the moment they are received, and Farmers can make multiple deposits or contact the team for larger deposit amounts. Once your transaction has been executed, you will be able to see your staked assets in the Farmer Deposit tab on the Clipper Pool page as well as the designated Fee-Split contracts deposits page.

Clipper’s Farmer Program was created to involve, and reward, DeFi users who stand behind Clipper’s mission: to provide the best crypto trading prices to regular, non-institutional traders.

Most DeFi projects that offer high yields involve leveraged positions or volatile micro-caps. Now that Clipper’s Farmer Program is live, DeFi users have a safer way to grow their stack!

Start Farming Now!