Introducing Details on Clipper’s Polygon Community Liquidity Program!

Introducing Details on Clipper’s Polygon Community Liquidity Program!

Since integrating with Polygon just a few weeks ago, Clipper has seen a surge in activity as users take advantage of the L2’s low trading costs and granular swap features on the Clipper DEX.

We’re excited to announce that Clipper’s Polygon Community Liquidity Program (CLP) will launch shortly. Monitor our Discord and Twitter for the launch date!

Polygon CLP Highlights:

  • This Polygon CLP program will support the following crypto assets: WETH, WMATIC, WBTC, USDC, USDT, GYEN.
  • Participants’ maximum deposit amounts will be limited in order to regulate the total amount of deposited capital in the Clipper Polygon pool and ensure that it will remain optimally sized for small trades.
  • Deposits will be locked for 60 days. When you withdraw your deposit you will receive a proportional mix of all seven assets in the pool, which equate to your overall ownership of the pool.

Who can deposit liquidity in Clipper’s Polygon CLP?

The Mainnet CLP pool filled up more quickly than expected, so we aim to include everyone who tried to participate in this first program in Clipper's Polygon CLP.  As a result, only Clipper community members that whitelist their wallet address will be able to deposit on Polygon once the CLP opens.

Additionally, four crews of DeFi pirates from the Clipper community are currently braving the seas with their fellow compatriots for a chance to join the Polygon CLP whitelist, alongside community members who attempted to contribute during Clipper’s first CLP. There may be additional opportunities for non-whitelisted participation following the initial restricted deposit period, but this will be subject to the amount of liquidity the Polygon CLP accrues during the initial period.

How does this Polygon CLP Differ from Clipper’s Mainnet CLP?

Unlike Clipper’s Mainnet CLP, the Polygon CLP will not have any imposed asset or overall pool caps when it opens. Whitelisted addresses will be able to deposit whenever they choose to, and there should be no time pressure to do so. Additionally, liquidity providers will be granted a larger number of pool tokens (and therefore, a higher percentage of pool ownership) for depositing assets that are currently undersupplied in the pool, in order to optimize the pool distribution and ensure an optimal spread.

Additionally, as mentioned above the Polygon CLP will forgo the Mainnet CLP’s freewheeling approach and prioritize whitelisted community members. That being said, given how the first Clipper CLP went it will likely be a bit tricky to determine which community members honestly attempted to participate in the Mainnet CLP, especially because some people who attempted to participate didn't get their POAP, and some POAPs were acquired by bots and spammers. We are parsing through data we’ve acquired from multiple sources to try to filter for genuine contributing community members.

Polygon is the First of Many L2 Integrations for Clipper

Clipper's integration with Polygon means retail traders operating on Clipper DEX will now be able to perform swaps at an even lower cost than before. Even if you don’t plan on participating in Clipper’s Polygon CLP, you can still benefit from low cost swaps on Clipper via Polygon, and specify desired output amounts for each swap in order to avoid frontrunning. All you need to do to use Clipper on Polygon is transfer their digital assets from Ethereum to Polygon via the cross-chain bridge run by the Polygon network, and then connect their wallets to Clipper on the Polygon network.

If you’re looking for a server to use when setting up JSON-RPC for Polygon, the below options are a great place to start:

This Polygon CLP furthers Clipper’s mission to offer the lowest cost trades to anyone engaging with DeFi and provides a new channel for  community participation and value creation. This is just one of many destinations within the vast DeFi seas, and Clipper will roll out similar opportunities involving other network integrations down the line!